Patio Prices in Perth

There is little question that patios are an excellent addition to any home in Perth. They are among the most sought after outdoor investments in the area, and with good reason.

But before you look at investing in a solid patio in Perth, you will need to know the price. And before you can know this, you need to know what type of patio you are looking at.

Patio Prices in Perth
Patio Prices in Perth

The Different Patio Types And Their Attributes

There are 5 primary types of patio that you can purchase in Perth. These are:

  1. The Gable Patio – One of the most common types found in Australia. They form a ‘V’ shape and look better than many of the flat style patios. They also help with water runoff. Gable patios are the standard and often come in pre-cut kits for easy installation. Hip-end patios are extensions of gable patios but with more of a curve and a bigger price tag.
  2. The Flat Patio – Second to the gable patio would be the flat patio. Like the Gable, it is attached to the home but features a flat roof. Flat patios tend to be more budget-friendly. They can cover a large area and are a little easier to install due to the simplicity of design.
  3. The Dome/Curved Patio – The roof of these patios are curved. This provides the most aesthetically pleasing kind of patio though it can be more expensive to purchase and more complex to manufacture and install.
  4. The Carport – A carport is a kind of patio designed to shelter the car/vehicle. There is no real distinction between a carport and a patio, other than it is designed for car storage (while other patios might be designed for dining or entertainment). Carports can be flat, V-shaped, or dome-shaped.
  5. The Custom Patio – This is a patio created by collaboration between you and the provider. There is no limit on what kind of patio you want, but it will depend on how creative you are, how clear you are about what you want, and your budget. For instance, you might decide to attach a flat patio onto a gable.

In other words, patios come in 3 standard shapes – flat, curved, or V-shaped. The carport will be one of these shapes and the custom patio can be a mix of the 3, or something entirely new.

Aside from the type of patio, you will also want to pay close attention to the materials they are made of. Colorbond steel is a popular choice, but others may prefer PVC or timber patios. Many will contain a mix of materials.

2021 – Average Perth Patio Prices

Ok, so now we are a little more familiar with the different types of patio. Let’s go investigate what each of them actually costs. Typical prices ranges are outlined in the table below.

It will serve to give you a relative idea of all of the costs associated with patios in Perth. But for detailed quotes, you need to contact the supplier. You also need to be aware of additional costs which may not be reflected in the prices given in the table.

TypeDimensionsMaterialCost Range
Gable Patio6000mm X 5000mm X 3000mFully Polycarbonate$7,500 – $8,000
Flat Patio6000mm X 5000mm X 3000mFully Polycarbonate$5,000 – $5,500
Hip-End/Pyramid Patio6000mm X 5000mm X 3000mFully Polycarbonate$9,000 – $10,000
Skillion Flyover Patio6000mm X 5000mm X 3000mFully Polycarbonate$6,000 – $7,000
Gable Patio6000mm X 5000mm X 3000mTimber Lined Patio With Colourbond Roof$16,000 – $18,000
Gable Patio6000mm X 5000mm X 3000mColorbond$7,000 – $8,000
Flat Patio6000mm X 5000mm X 3000mColorbond DIY installation Kit$3,000 – $4,000

Price Patios in Perth – Additional Considerations

There are many ways that the price of a patio installation can go up or down. The most common criteria will include:

  • Dimensions – The bigger the patio, the more material that will be required. This is a major consideration.
  • Material – As can be observed in the table above, a timber lined patio with a colorbond roof can be triple the price of other patios. The materials make a huge difference price-wise.
  • Type  – All things remaining equal, a flat patio can be half of the price of a hip end patio. Certain types of patios are more complex so manufacture and install.
  • Gradient – Raised patios will often cost you an additional $250 – $500.
  • Gutters – The addition of gutters might cost you another $200 or so.
  • Freestanding or Attached – Freestanding patios will add an additional 20% or so to the price as compared to attached patios. Technically a free standing patio would be a gazebo or other structure, but sometimes the labels get interchanged.

The quality of the provider will also have a large bearing on costs. Often, more established providers can do better deals while also delivering a better quality patio. It doesn’t really matter what deal you get if the patio is low-quality and needs to be repaired soon after purchase.

Perth Patio Costs – Conclusion

There can be a great level of variance in terms of patio prices in Perth. It all comes down to what you are looking for.

It’s best to work with a trusted and reliable patio provider so you can rest assured that you are getting value for money and an honest price.

Call Grand Patios now on 0895921285 for a free quote and for detailed information on questions relating to patios in Perth. There is no point wasting time with providers who are not as well known or established in Perth.

How do I get the best prices on patios in Perth?

The first step is to clearly identify what you want. A flat patio made of polycarbonate is probably best if you just want some simple shelter. In contrast, if you are looking for something more elegant to wow the guests, you will be looking at a different design, and will pay a lot more. Be mindful that size, material, and type are the main considerations. Keeping the patio small and simple will reduce costs.

How can I find the exact price of patios in Perth?

By calling up a service provider. There are too many factors to account for when it comes to patios and other kinds of outdoor structures. Call around for the different prices for different kinds of patios. Grand patios are available to take your call if you are looking for a direct and free quote right now – 0895921285.

Are patios in Perth worth the money?

Yes. They are best thought of as an investment. They are basically a kind of minor home extension that can be very functional. The patio can serve as an eating area and it’s quite easy to cover the patio using fly screens that can be rolled up as needed. They add to home value and are great over timber decking. 

What’s the difference between a patio, verandah, and pergola?

There are many types of outdoor structures that serve different functions – patios, pavilions, gazebos, verandahs, pergolas, arbours, the list goes on. Without going into too much detail, the patio is designed as an extension of the home to cover a dining/living space. The pergola was originally designed to interact with nature and has no roof. It is often a standalone structure away from the home. And the verandah is a narrower kind of patio that is not usually a designed leisure area, more of a walkway.

If you are wondering about the cost of a given patio, don’t worry too much about all of these labels. Focus on the dimensions and the materials used for the build. With all of the innovation going on, there is a lot of overlap between all of the different outdoor structures.

Alternatively, for the best prices on patios in Perth, call up Grand Patios on 0895921285.

We’ll fill you in on the different options and find a patio to suit your budget and preferences.

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