Patio Prices in Perth

Learn all about Perth patio door prices in this informative guide, from gable patios to skillion flyovers.

How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Area

An essential guide creating the perfect outdoor entertainment area for your Perth home from your local patio experts.

Maintaining Your Patio And Keeping It Looking Brand New

We Are Perth’s Patio Maintenance Experts. ✔️25-Year Warranty ✔️Highest Standards ✔️FREE Quotes ✔️Custom Designs ✔️Licensed & Certified. Call Us On 📞 0895921285.

How To Prepare and Maintain Your Patio For The Warmer Months

To get the most from your patio and all it has to offer during the summer months, maintenance and preparation is key. Read our post or call us on 0895921285.

Best Outdoor Blinds For All Seasons

Are You Looking for The Best Outdoor Blinds For All Seasons? Read Our Post or Call Us At 📞(08) 6245 6683 If You Have Any Questions or Need help.

The Best Outdoor Patios For Winter Use

Looking for outdoor patio designs this winter? Read our new post here or call us on 0895921285.

How To Hire Professional Patio Builders In Perth During COVID 19

We know that during these times, it’s not easy to hire professional patio builders in Perth but on this post, we will be able to help you make the right choice – and you’ll soon find the right patio experts to handle your project. Below are some of the most critical questions you need to…

Outdoor Patio Designs For 2020

If you want to achieve fresh, eco-friendly, and innovative designs for your outdoor patio, we have the best 2020 ideas for you! Spend more of your time outdoors as we make your dream patio into reality!


If you’re looking to sell your home soon, you may want to consider making a few changes. Prospective buyers cast a critical eye, so if your décor has become tired or out-of-date, they’ll notice.


With 25 years’experience delivering stunning outdoor patio designs and other improvements, we’re proud to have built up our reputation as the best patio builders in Perth.

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