Eco Friendly and Sustainable Gable Patio Design

In today’s standard, homeowners are looking for ways to incorporate nature with their home not only to have a much closer connection with their environment but also to establish a much cleaner and fresher ambience.

Applying an eco-friendly feature in your gable patio provides a new kind of satisfaction and comfort while helping the environment to become more sustainable. Here are some ways for creating an eco-friendly and sustainable gable patio for your home.

Gable Patio

Sustainable rooftop

Gable patio rooftops should be covered with grass or plants that repel insects such as citronella plant, lemongrass, and scented geraniums to minimise intense light and heat reflection of sunlight. With sustainable rooftop, you will not only decrease bugs and other insects from entering your home, but you will also experience a new level of relaxation breathing fresh and cooler air.

Drain gutter and Rain Harvesting Tank

The rooftop must have a drain gutter and leader to collect rainwater. Downspout leader passes through first flush diverter to screen out and filter dust and dirt off the roof. The rainwater passing through should be collected in the rain harvesting tank. Collected water can be used in watering plants and cleaning the patio pavement.

A touch of marine life

Since gable patios are considered avenues for combining creativity with nature, why not add a feature that embodies marine life? Your gable patio will look so much better with a saltwater or freshwater aquarium located at the corner away from direct sunlight to prevent the growth of fungi.

Cooler steps

The flooring of the patio should be made of bricks with intervals of lined soil to allow carabao or Bermuda grass to grow. The grass in the lined soil can help minimise the heat of the flooring coming from below.

LED Lightings

LED bulbs are good for the conservation of electrical energy, emit less heat while producing more light. The lightings of the gable patio should be made of LED lamps in wall-mounted design in columns or posts for easy maintenance.

Wall fans

Outdoor spaces provide access for you to enjoy the company of fresh air, but summer brings humid air that makes you sweaty and uncomfortable. To withstand Australia’s harsh climate, installing wall fans on columns or posts of the gable patio for air cooling, truly helps.

Since the design trend for gable patio changes alongside innovation and modernisation, why not encapsulate it with environmentally-friendly features? Planning an eco-friendly gable patio for your home should be considered a top priority because it promotes sustainability. Sustainable gable patio designs offer advantage not just to your home, but also to the community for the long term. Aside from the benefits, it gives to the environment; an eco-friendly patio also creates an aesthetic appeal to your visitors that leave them in a fresher mood. Eco-friendly and sustainable gable patio designs should be the next big thing!

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