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Helpful Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Patio for your Perth Home

Whether you were inspired by watching all those home improvement shows or you just want a better outdoors area for you family to gather in, choosing the perfect patio for your home requires some knowledge. Here are some tips and tricks to help you in this journey:

Choose the right contractor

The most important decision you will have to make is which contractor to go with. Do your research and make sure that your contractor is accredited, insured, has good reviews and provides a warranty. Also, why not get a quote ahead of time so you can plan better plan for your investment.

Consider your needs

Every family has its own needs and preferences so spend some time considering your families unique requirements and try to imagine how you will be enjoying this space. Do you want a cosy haven or a modern space for entertaining?

Pick a theme

To keep your furniture, design and accents working together, make sure you select an appropriate color scheme. Something that conveys the feeling you want the space to emit and will last through the seasons. You can even go a step further and choose complementary patterns, for instance if you are aiming for a coastal look, think about what prints and textures remind you of the beach.

Light things up

Don’t forget that to get the most use of your patio, you need to ensure that the space is well lit. You can choose from a variety of light types and designs, anything from string lights to chandeliers and even Christmas lights. Just make sure whatever you chose matches your theme and overall design.

Add your personal touch

Don’t forget that your patio is an extension of your home and should show off your personality, quirks and all. Think about accent pieces that showcase your unique taste or past experiences. Even better why not make something hand made with your family.

If you need more help deciding on your design or need a quote, reach out to the professionals at 089 592 1285. Their highly trained workers will review your design ideas, measure your space and give you a quote, absolutely free. So why not start this journey with the best partners in the industry?

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