How To Hire Professional Patio Builders In Perth During COVID 19

We know that during these times, it’s not easy to hire professional patio builders in Perth but on this post, we will be able to help you make the right choice – and you’ll soon find the right patio experts to handle your project.

Below are some of the most critical questions you need to consider when hiring patio experts in Perth.

  1. How do you observe safety measures during COVID-19? Our team observes and follows safety measures imposed by the Australian Government, and takes added precautions to be on the safe side. We take the health and safety of our clients and staff very seriously and take absolutely no chances or compromises when it comes to safety. To maintain the safety of our team and clients in WA – we implement the safety measures below.
    1. We clean, sanitise and disinfect all tools, devices, equipment and machines we use at work, and all areas we come in contact with – before, during and after use.
    2. Our team wears masks, gloves and all PPE available to protect our clients and the community.
    3. We perform social distancing at all times – both out in public after hours and during work.
    4. Our team wears proper clothing, clean boot covers, eye & ear guards at work.
    5. We make it a part of our protocol for the team to report about their daily health status and of their family. If someone is not feeling 100%, they are asked to stay at home  – we still pay our staff, so they don’t feel financial pressure if they are unwell.
  2. Licensed – Working with a licensed builder is a must and highly critical especially during the pandemic. Building a patio around your premises is not just about enhancing your property but also an investment. You want to have your investment protected, and you can achieve it by hiring licensed patio builders. Below are the benefits of working with a licensed team.
      1. Saves you time and money in the long run. Unlicensed patio builders won’t have the same standards as a licensed one, which could lead to more money fixing poor quality work down the track.
      2. A licensed builder has vast experience with processing permits and inspections. When processing permits,  the builder’s license is required – it’s a huge help if you’re working with licensed experts.
      3. Safety. A poorly built patio could become damaged and compromise the integrity of the structure – presenting a major hazard to the people using it.
      4. Insurance is covered by a licensed team.
      5. You’ll get a warranty on products, materials and structures if you’re dealing with licensed builders.
  3. Insured – Licensed patio builders can provide liability insurance to protect you, your family and your project. If an injury or any damages occurs during the construction,  liability insurance would be able to cover the expenses.
  4. Experience – Experience is the best teacher as they say – this saying also applies to builders. If you’re working with patio builders with over 20 years of experience, that means you’re dealing with a professional team with a wealth of knowledge on building licenses, patio designs, the standard of materials and so many more. An experienced team are the best team to work with because they can transform the most difficult corner into a visually appealing surface. They work fast and produce high-quality workmanship.
  5. Warranty – Not all patio builders or contractors provide a warranty on workmanship and materials. At Grand Patios, we offer up to 25-year structural warranty which is the best in the industry so far. We only use the highest quality products and materials available in the market today, and we are so confident that our work can withstand the test of time we back it up with an industry-best warranty.
  6. FREE – Make sure to ask if the contractor or patio builder offers free quotes, free onsite quotes and free consultation – If you’d like to request for a free quote or expert advice – give us a call on 0895921285.
  7. Council Approval – Council approval should be handled by your patio builder or contractor. If they can’t then do not hire them. At Grand Patios, we make sure we work on council approval so our clients will never waste time, money and effort on processing and procuring the approval of the council. As much as possible, we want to make sure that you are free from stress and hassle while we work on your dream patio!
  8. Interest-free finance – Some say interest-free finance is a bait to get people to buy your products or services – we do not support this. In fact, we condemn this, especially during COVID-19. At this chaotic times, we know how useful interest-free finance to most home and business owners alike. Getting your dream patio installed without paying upfront is really something to be thankful for. At Grand Patios, we make sure you will get approval as fast as possible. Call us on 0895921285  if you have any questions about our interest-free finance option.
  9. Price – Regardless of the size and complexity of your patio designs, make sure to ask about the patio builders or contractors’ price. A professional patio builder will be honest with you upfront about their pricing. In fact, they will be very transparent about quotes, pricing, turn around, products, materials and warranty. At Grand Patios, we practice radical transparency, plus competitive pricing. No extra charges, no surprise fees etc.

If you’re ready to hire us to install your dream patio in Perth, WA – give us a call today on  0895921285.

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