Introducing Technology into Your Outdoor Patio

Backyards have tended to take a back seat when it comes to technology – but with so many mod cons now available, there’s no excuse for your patio to lag behind the times.

From sound systems to security solutions, you can install an array of genius tech in your outdoor area which will add comfort, enjoyment, entertainment and of course, a big ‘wow’ factor.

Gable Patio

Banish the sounds of silence

Say goodbye to the tinny echo of your portable speaker and say hello to high-quality surround sound system that will transform your patio into a professional studio. Whether you’re after a mellow Sunday sesh, a pumping pool party, calming classics or a running commentary on the footy, your patio can become your personal studio or stadium. Best of all, you can be in total control without having to move a muscle by using wireless remote controls and apps on your smartphone or iPad.

Love your lights

Smart technology extends to lighting too. Gone are the days of bright white spotlights or murky darkness on an outside patio. Nowadays, advanced options include automated lighting, remote controlled dimmers, programmable party lights and even laser holographic technology and the choice is all yours as to how far you want to take your outdoor lighting.

Stop the bugs, not the fun

Motorised retractable insect screens or bug zappers are some other modern technologies that can enhance your outdoor living experience.

Warm up and cool down

You may not be able to control the weather, but with smart technology on your patio, you can have the upper hand when it comes to staying warm and keeping cool. For example, a misting system which emits tiny droplets of water into the air is a genius way of bringing the temperature down in your outdoor area. The droplets rapidly evaporate and cool the surrounding air without wetting anyone or anything. Similarly, innovative and energy-efficient strip heaters are a great way to generate ambient heat for your patio, alfresco or any outdoor living space.

Look and see

And for those of you who need to keep an eye on the TV, even if you’re outside – no problem. Innovative technology means you can have a screen just about anywhere on your patio – and you can swivel it remotely to face your desired viewing direction! What about disguising your TV in a secret cabinet and lifting it out using a motorised mechanism when the footy comes on? Synchronising your TV with your lights and sound to create a multimedia extravaganza? Anything’s possible!

Turn a blind eye

Motorised outdoor blinds are another technological brainwave that has changed the way that we use our outdoor spaces. Now you can control and adjust these advanced shutters and blinds with the click of a button anywhere in your home or by swiping your smartphone – putting you in total control of the weather, the temperature, the ventilation, the ambience and the privacy of your patio.

There’s much to love about a patio or alfresco and when you introduce the latest innovations to it, you can transform your outdoor area into tech-heaven. But as you know, technology can be as advanced or as simple as you want it, so you can decide where you want to be on the tech-spectrum.

It’s probably worth talking to an expert in patio designs before you go ahead and install any new technologies as they can make recommendations based on your particular needs and can advise whether your existing structure is suitable for the tech-specs.

A company like Grand Patios who are leaders in patio designs in Perth have decades of experience and will help you make your backyard into a modern masterpiece.

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