Maintaining Your Patio And Keeping It Looking Brand New

If you’re a Perth homeowner, having a patio is a wonderful thing. A good patio will enhance your outdoor space while providing you with an ideal spot for alfresco hosting and relaxation.

While patios are generally robust and low maintenance, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after them. In fact, cleaning and maintaining your patio at least four times a year will keep it looking brand new (well, near enough) for years to come.

With patios, a little effort always goes a long way—and as one of Perth’s most trusted patio experts, we’re going to tell you what to do to keep your outside slabs looking brand new.

Maintaining Your Patio And Keeping It Looking Brand New
Maintaining Your Patio And Keeping It Looking Brand New

What are the benefits of patio maintenance?

The first thing we should say is that unless your patio is fully roofed and heated, you should protect your outdoor furniture during the winter months either with waterproof covers or by storing them in a shed or garage.

In addition to protecting your furniture, cleaning and maintaining your patio will ensure it’s safer while extending its life and enhance its appearance all year around—three excellent home-boosting benefits.

How do I look after my patio?

To look after your patio and keep it looking shimmering and shiny all year long, it’s important to clean, declutter, and protect it regularly.

Patio maintenance tip 1: cleaning

So, how do you keep your patio clean? Well, first you should get a yard broom and dry sweep every part of your patio starting in the centre and working your way to the edges.

Secondly, you should hose down your patio slabs before scrubbing them with a hard bristle cleaning brush and plenty of soapy water.

If you come across any stubborn marks left by a BBQ, for instance, using a pressure washer or specialist degreasing agent will do the trick.

Patio maintenance tip 2: decluttering

Our next essential patio maintenance tip is decluttering. You should, of course, declutter your patio and remove any pots, plants, ornaments or furniture before committing to any cleaning.

But, another reason you should declutter your patio on a quarterly basis is because it will give you a chance to identify and tackle any weeds to be dealt with or any marks or stains from setting in.

So, avoid placing too many items in your patio area and make a habit of decluttering it regularly to keep your weeds at bay (a patio-based weed killing solution will work well) and remove any stains that could become permanent if left for too long.

Patio maintenance tip 3: sealing & surface protection

We get asked a lot whether it’s worth sealing your patio. In short, the answer is yes.

By sealing your patio professionally, you will make your patio surface more resilient and hard wearing in cold or wet weather conditions.

Sealing your patio every three years will also prevent erosion while preventing algae or mould taking over your precious outdoor space. A wise patio maintenance investment indeed!

We’re trusted experts for patios in Perth

As one of Perth’s most trusted patio experts, we can help you with all of your essential patio sealing and maintenance needs—we can even help you reimagine your outdoor space completely.

Benefits of using Grand Patios for your Perth patio needs:

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We hope this guide helps you to keep your outdoor leisure space looking brand new. If you’re looking for a patio professional near, you call us on 0895 921 285 or full out our form for a FAST free quote. We look forward to working with you.

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