Outdoor Patio Designs For 2020

There are some amazing outdoor patio designs for 2020 in Perth…but what’s yours like?

A cramped, dusty, neglected corner of the backyard, with chipped patio stones and out-of-date furniture? Or a genuine outdoor living space that you’re proud of and love to share with friends and family?

Whatever size or shape of the space you have, and however you want to use it, it’s worth thinking now about how to improve your patio for 2020. We may be heading into autumn soon, but a well-designed patio is an asset all-year-round.

Outdoor Patio Designs For 2020

Party patios

If you love to entertain and have a backyard full of guests every weekend, think about the little details that will make your patio a sociable space. A built-in seating area will give you the space you need for cosy catch-ups. A bigger, open area of decking can give you the space you need to host larger gatherings with plenty of room for your guests to mingle. A BBQ centre stage is great for sociable cooking and an outdoor drinks fridge will save trips into the house. And if you really want to impress, how about a pizza oven?

Outdoor Patio Designs For 2020

Patios for small spaces

Small backyards don’t have to mean cramped, unusable patios. The key to making the most of a small space is to decide what’s most important to you and to design your patio around that. If you just want to chill, forget about bulky BBQs and outdoor tables and use the space for sun-loungers instead. If you’re keen to entertain, built-in corner seating can help you make the most of limited space.

Outdoor Patio Designs For 2020

Green designs

Installing a patio doesn’t have to be at the expense of green space. Build-in planting tubs around the edges to add some colour and life, or install a pergola to add some natural, green shade. Fast-growing plants such as climbing roses and bougainvillea can quickly turn a bare structure into a beautiful garden asset.

Outdoor Patio Designs For 2020

Alfresco spaces

Traditional patios rarely have enough shade in summer or enough warmth in winter. But installing a patio roof gives you a usable alfresco space that you can really make your own, all year round. Adding a roof makes your patio part of your home rather than part of your backyard, blocking heat, rain and wind.

Outdoor Patio Designs For 2020

Perth outdoor patios

There are plenty of businesses installing outdoor patios in Perth. How do you choose the right one?

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