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Nowadays, it is almost mandatory to have an outdoor patio, since such a structure allows you to change the environment without leaving your home. In addition, certain features can be added to a patio, such as Covers, light, lighting and heating that allow its use throughout the year.

On the other hand, if you are a gardening lover, having a patio will allow you to pursue this passion. Moreover, if you like to have a kind of outing without leaving home, you can install a kitchen or barbecue on your patio in which you can prepare your favourite dishes and share them outdoors with your loved ones.

Thus, an outdoor patio is synonymous with relaxation, great aesthetics, comfort, precious family time and love for nature, not to mention that this structure increases the value of your property.

What are the costs of building an outdoor patio?

Such costs vary depending on the materials used, the cost of labour and the extension of the outdoor patio, but, on average, square meter installation costs for outdoor grand patios vary between $200- $900.

On the other hand, the greater the extension of the outdoor patio, the lesser these installation costs are.

Patios & Patio Designs Perth: How do you estimate the cost to build a patio?

To estimate the cost to build a patio you must take into account its extension and the parts that compose it, which are the following:


Patios may or may not be covered, but in any case, they need a solid floor on which to place outdoor furniture. Now, flooring costs range between $45-$75 per square meter in the case of plain concrete, or $ 55-90, in the case of coloured concrete.

On the other hand, concrete resurfacing has a cost per square meter of between $100- $150. This material is more expensive but it will give a more aesthetic finish to your patio.

You can also surface your patio with pavers, whose prices varies depending on the chosen paver type, but on average it costs $60-$80 per square meter. Also, if you decide to install pavers, you may need a retaining wall. These structures are 1.2 meters in size and are usually built with timber or bricks, for which they have a per square meter cost of $270 and $440, respectively.

How much to deck a patio

Finally, decking may be a better option than paving if your property is over sloping land. Decking prices vary between $200-$1000 per square meter, depending on the chosen material (treated pine, hardwood timber, composite or elevated cyclone rated decking)

Patio covers

If you want to use your patio in all seasons you must install a patio cover. Now, there are patio covers that you can install on your own, but for more elaborate installations you will need the services of a professional in the field.

As for the materials to make a patio cover, Polycarbonate and Colorbond covers are among the best known, but treated pine is the least expensive.

Additional patio elements

What else would you like your patio to have? Maybe plants, lighting, heating, outdoor furniture and/or a kitchen?

If you want to place plants on your patio, you must take into account the lighting of the area, since each plant has different requirements in this regard. Additionally, consider that region-native plants thrive even during the winter.

On the other hand, placing electricity and heating in your patio will allow you to use it at night and in the winter. Speaking of the seasons, it is recommended that you have outdoor furniture that is useful both in winter and summer and that goes according to the purpose you want your patio for: Do ​​you want it for relaxing, dining, both .. ? A large patio will allow you to do all of this and, with a little creativity, a small one too.

Last but not least, when it comes to patio kitchens, you don’t need to have a full one on your patio. You could just have a barbecue area or you could also install a fridge, a sink, you name it. The important thing is that you personalize your patio in your own way as much as possible.

Cost of a covered patio: How much should it be?

The cost of a patio cover will depend on its size and the material with which it is built. Indeed, those of treated pine or hardwood (of which there are several types), can cost between $ 2000-6000.

On the other hand, you could also use translucent polycarbonate sheets, have UV protection and have an average cost of $ 38 for 2.4 meters. Finally, Colorbond is a very good option because it reduces rain noise and heat transfer, and costs $ 18-24 including those that are powder coated on both sides. Also, if you live near the coast, you might want a Colorbond Ultra cover, as it resists saltwater corrosion. Colorbond Ultra has an approximate cost of $ 36.50 per square meter.

Patios & Patio Designs Perth: How much does a 20×20 paver patio cost?

Depending on the type of paving, its cost varies between $40-$100 per square meter, depending on whether they are made of concrete, brick or stone, which have an average cost of $ 53, $ 80, and $ 87 per square meter, respectively.

Consequently, a 20×20 paver patio costs between $ 1,060- $ 1,760, not including costs for patio cover, furniture and others mentioned above.

What is the least expensive way to build a patio?

The cheapest way to build a patio would be to use the least expensive materials to build each of its parts. For example, you could install concrete flooring and an aluminium cover (or no cover at all). Most of the plants are inexpensive, so you wouldn’t spend a lot of money to put up a few.

Now, you could not have electricity on your patio, so you would not have lighting or heating either, but you could place an outdoor barbecue of the ones sold in Grays. Moreover, you can find affordable outdoor furniture on

Alternatively, you could build progressively with the materials and features that you like the most. First, you would have to build the floor, then the cover and, with time, you add electricity, lighting, heating, outdoor furniture, etc.

Patios & Patio Designs Perth: Do patio covers increase home value?

Yes, patio covers increase home value because they improve the appearance of the property, which increases its value, in addition to providing comfort and joy.

What is the cheapest patio flooring?

Concrete flooring. It costs between $ 45- $ 75 per square meter.

What is Grand Patios all about?

Grand Patios consists of qualified, trained, fully licensed tradesmen with over 60 years of combined experience in the patio building industry.

We specialised in custom-designed and bespoke Perth patios

And as a part of our commitment to providing WA’s homes and businesses with high-quality grand patios we have expanded our services to different suburbs including – PerthMandurah, Baldivis, Waikiki, Byford, Port Kennedy, Rockingham and many more – check the suburbs we cover here.

If you’re looking for a patio builder near you, feel free to call us at 08 9592 1285.

We’ve been building Perth Patios for many decades

Designing and installing patios for many decades we have the tools, materials and expertise to build the best and fully functional patios to both the residential and commercial sectors in WA.

Qualified & Professional Patio Builders

As qualified & professional patio builders, we are highly confident that we can build the best patios for your family that will serve you for many years to come. Trusted by Perth homes and businesses, we backed our services with an up to 25 years warranty!

We cover the whole Perth Metro from Yanchep to Mandurah

Servicing the whole Perth metro and surrounds, you can rest assured that we would be able to come to your premise, check your property, provide you with a quote, and build the most durable, visually appealing and fully functional patios.

And because we only use Australian Made products, we are confident that our installed patios for your home or business will last for many years to come. With Grand Patios, you will only be dealing with qualified tradesmen from start to finish.

Regardless of your requirements, we would be able to deliver the best service for you! From a custom design patio to grand constructions – we’ve got you covered!

If you are after the professional, trusted and most experienced patio builders offering the best patio design in Perth & surrounding areas – give us a call at 08 9592 1285.

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In Perth alone, we’ve more over hundreds of competition, working almost seven days a week but what makes us different? Why should you hire us?

Highest Quality – Offer highest-quality outdoor design constructions from start to finish. No project is too small or too big that we cannot undertake. If you want it that much, if you work very hard to afford your dream patios for your family, we will do our best to deliver results far more than your expectations. We have a family of our own too, and we understand how good it feels if we provide the best for them.

Assurance – It’s hard to trust anyone these days, but if you hire us, we assure you that your project will only be handled by certified, and professional tradespeople from start to finish.

Warranty – You can hardly see companies that offer up to 25-year warranty these days, but because we are confident with the product and services we provide, We stand by all of our completed projects by offering up to 25-year warranty. No gimmicks, no fuss!

Custom Design – We take every project seriously. And when you say custom design, it will be 100% custom designed and engineered. We make sure that everything involves the installations are in line with your preferences, requirements, budget, and timeframe.

Free – You’re right! We offer a FREE measure and quote. Call us at 0895921285 or click here for more info.

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Benefits & Advantages

Adding an outdoor living to your home, commercial or private property in Perth, WA is one of the best options you could ever have. Outdoor designs, especially the customise ones enhance the total look of your property and provide value to it. If maintained properly, this could be a significant investment. If you’re on the lookout for patio specialists in PerthMandurah, Baldivis, Waikiki, Byford, Port Kennedy, & Rockingham regions, feel free to contact our team or call us at 0895921285 for faster a transaction. Keep reading if you need further information about the benefits of an outdoor patio.

– Value & Beauty – Adding an outdoor living is one of the great options you can have if you want to make improvements to your home or private property in WA. Hiring experienced builders like our team, will not only saves you time but as well as money, and effort because, from start to finish, your project will be handled by experts tradesmen who are also insured, and licensed.

– Year-round comfort – Installing patio pergolas to your home offers massive benefits and convenience during summer and even winter. On sunny days, it protects the pieces of furniture from the damaging effects of UV rays, while adding excellent outdoor entertainment to the family. During winter, you can still use the outdoor living area as a spot for the heater if you want your family to gather over a relaxing weekend while enjoying a barbecue without experiencing the cold weather.

– Investment – Installing custom design patios in your property is such a wise investment that you can even pass on to your generations. While enjoying the year-round comfort that terrace offer, you too have that peace of mind, knowing that your future generations will also benefit from the great home improvements you have done.

– Entertainment – Custom designed outdoor living allows you to enjoy summertime-like events even during the winter. If you, your family or friends are fond of outdoor events, getting a custom designed patio installed in your property is a great choice.

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We stand by all of our completed projects by offering up to 25-year warranty.


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Custom Design

All outdoor living projects are 100% custom designed and engineered in line with your preferences, choice and budget.


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