When it comes to upgrading your living space with an outdoor covered patio or pergola, deciding on what design to select can be a little bit tricky. With many options to consider, it can be quite tricky to determine which type of patio design is the best.

This guide will help you with your purchase making decisions.

The Benefits of Steel Pergolas For Your Timber Patios

Traditionally, timber and alfresco areas have been covered with timber-framed pergolas, providing shade and shelter from the elements. Timber is still popular for patio roofs, but steel now is gaining popularity as a viable alternative.

As we’ll see below, building your patio roof using a steel frame has some significant advantages:


Benefit 1: High Density and Strength Translates to Design Advantages

Steel is much stronger and denser than timber – and that means you can do more with less. This allows it to be created in unique shapes that are impossible to create using timber without sacrificing strength.

Additionally, steel can is easy to paint, which means it can be any colour you wish. White and black are popular, but there’s nothing to stop you having a bright red pergola if that is what matches your personal style!

Combined, these two benefits make steel ideal for contemporary and unique pergola designs.

Benefit 2: Steel’s High Durability Means It Lasts For Longer

Steel’s durability and strength mean it is better suited to withstanding Perth’s climate than wood. Providing the steel’s galvanised coating remains intact, it is virtually weatherproof and is likely to last far longer before replacement than a wood alternative.

Damage is unlikely since the steel is tough; every-day knocks are unlikely to create visible damage. Only a large impact can make a significant dent and damage the coating.

Benefit 3: Low Maintenance Means You Spend More Time Relaxing

Steel is virtually maintenance-free. An occasional clean may be necessary with more intricate designs (to get rid of built-up dirt and grime), and we recommend you perform semi-regular checks for damage since any gap in the coating could lead to rust and corrosion – but that’s about it.

In contrast, a wooden pergola needs protecting against mould (regular wipe downs with bleach do the trick), regular repainting (if painted), and can become home to insects and can decompose over time.

Benefit 4: Quick and Easy to Construct

A steel roof for your pergola is easy to construct and install, so you won’t have to wait for ages, even if you need a custom solution. That’s less time waiting for the factory, less time on site, and more time to relax and enjoy your alfresco area.

Benefit 5: Protection Against Bushfires

For homes exposed to potential bushfires, a wooden pergola adjoining the house is a fire risk – it can catch alight and spread the fire to the home. In contrast, a steel-framed roof for your patio is inflammable and highly unlikely to catch alight or reduce your home’s fire-resistance.

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