The Best Summer Patio Ideas For Your Perth Home

Like all living spaces, your patio sometimes needs a bit of a refresh. Patios are meant to be low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore them: a few small changes can make a huge difference.

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5 Upgrade Ideas For Your Patio

Some of these ideas are big projects, but others can be achieved in an afternoon:

1. Bring The Indoors, Outdoors
If like us, you love being outdoors, your patio is already an extension of your home, so why not take it one step further? A roof over your patio will protect you and your furniture from the sun and allow you to use it more often and for more things.

Want to take it one step further? Add outdoor blinds so you can convert your patio area into another room. Blinds are great for sun protection but really come into their own during those long summer evenings. Not only do they keep the insects out, but they also help keep the heat in, so you can continue to enjoy your patio long into the night.

2. Go Contemporary
Does your patio look like everyone else’s? Why not give it a modern twist: start by upgrading to a polished concrete floor and go from there. Add contemporary furniture which contrasts with the natural look of your garden (for example a glass table or modular seating), and you’re ready to go.

You may also want to add a bar, an outdoor television, and modern lighting. Combine them all, and you’ve got the ultimate entertaining space.

3. Add a Splash of Colour
Adding colour is an easy way to change your patio’s style without undertaking major modifications. To get started, simply pick a colour and pick up a few accessories that go together: think cushions for your outdoor furniture and placemats for your table.

For the best possible effect, match the colour to complement flowers on or near your patio (or buy a few in pots that match if you don’t have any).

4. Change Your Layout
A large patio is a luxury, but unless you manage that space effectively you can end up feeling lost in it – it’s a bit like having one large room with not enough furniture. This can be avoided by carefully arranging your furniture to create smaller, more focused areas.

For example, you might have one comfy seating area focused around a fire pit or hacienda area and another area set aside for dining, complete with grill.

Setting out these areas using furniture enables you to switch your layout around whenever you want, but if you want a more permanent effect, you can also upgrade your patio to have multiple levels. The change in height is a great way to add distinct spaces and make your patio more visually interesting.

5. Add Space
You might have the opposite problem: a patio that is too small. If upgrading your patio isn’t possible, you can add the appearance of space with a few clever tweaks:

  • Add in a mirror to create the illusion of more space
  • Use bench seating around the edge of the patio to free up more space in the middle
  • Use hanging planters and lights to draw attention upwards

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